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Dr. Eva Denka

For as long as she can remember, Eva wanted to practice veterinary medicine. During her childhood, she was surrounded by animals on the family farm and loved taking care of the cows, horses, goats and chickens. As a child, one incident left quite an impression on her; her family’s dog was kicked by a horse and required emergency surgery with their local veterinarian. Eva did a school project on the dramatic episode and came away with a deep appreciation for the veterinary profession.

In 2017, after graduating from Washington State University with a Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine, Eva took a position at a small animal hospital outside of Portland, Oregon and spent three years there building on her medical knowledge from school. She found she preferred a personal approach to her practice of medicine by making meaningful connections with her patients and their families. Eva is passionate about the power of preventative medicine, emphasizing healthy lifestyle choices for her patients. She takes a multi-modal approach to ensure their health, which includes a balanced diet, consistent exercise, and the implementation of both western and eastern medicine when needed.

Eva moved to the Bellingham area to be closer to the mountains she loves to recreate in. When she is not hard at work, Eva teaches fitness classes and enjoys practicing yoga. She thrives on nature and travel, and loves to hike and camp with her dogs, Porter and Street Rat, and her cats (yes, cats), Fuzz and Church.

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